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Our plans were affordable for businesses of all sizes, and primarily designed to ensure profile security and quality of service.
If you need a custom package please write us at

₹550 top up
For trial

  • Premium + unlimited regular posts
  • 60  Targetted CVs + unlimited downloads
  • 30 days  job period
  • Priority support
₹750 top up
Most popular

  • 10  Premium + unlimited regular posts
  • 90  Targetted CVs + unlimited downloads
  • 45 days  job period
  • 1 Email + Priority support
₹950 top up
Best value

  • 15  Premium + unlimited regular posts
  • 120  Targetted CVs + unlimited downloads
  • 60 days  job period
  • 2 Email + Priority support

* Premium postings always takes top position over regular posts and spotlighted attracting more candidates and so more applications(CVs) *
* Premium members could access screened resume database and download much qualified profiles marked by our internal ranking system *
* Startup offer include a free starter pack upon new registration plus every further job post would accumulate 10 free resume credits *

RPO Solutions & Packages

(IT Only)

RPO: Screening Services

(Assure One out of Five/Six CVs)

This has basic recruiting services such as detailing Job Description, Premium Postings, Outreach, Resume Search, Screening Profiles, Candidate Interaction, Follow-up & Pipelining, Employer Branding and ATS. Fee may vary between 6% - 8% of CTC depending on the program parameters such as Number of hires, Overall hiring period, Hire type, Experience, etc.

IPO: Interview Services

(Assure One out of Two/Three CVs)

This include above recruiting services plus hiring functions like Technical CV Reviews, Telephonic & Video Interviews, Communication & Inter-personals, Recording and Review, Feedback and Metrics. Charged typically for each candidate who is successfully brought through the program and offered. Fee may vary between 10% - 12% of CTC depending on the key parameters such as Hiring Domain, Technologies, Experience, etc.

End-to-end Hiring Services

(Assure the Best Talent)

This combines all above services with Domain, Technology, Project and Role specific Candidate interactions, Discussions with Hiring or Technical Manager, Multple Technical Interviews(Tele/Video/F2F) and end-to-end Hiring till the job offered. This include consistent recruiting effort with a great bonding and interaction with organization on project specifics & technologies with a focus on role & responsibilities.

This process is exclusively driven by our dedicated innovative relationship and technical managers. Fee may vary between 16% - 18% of CTC based on specific role and experience. Best suits for estabilishing newer teams and for projects with busy doing technical managers having no internal recruitment or technical assistance.

[ To discuss and customize specific set of recruiting functions and package invoice, contact us at rpo(at) ]